A Letter From Our Founder, Lisa Elovich

Dear Tequila Friends,

As a mother, lawyer, life coach and former boxing promoter, life can often get hectic and full of distractions. Sometimes we forget to fully engage in the present moment, which is the only place where we can truly experience joy and peace. 

Creating One With Life Tequila (OWL) has given me the opportunity to share this philosophy in each and every bottle of this unique spirit.  

OWL is produced by organic farming, which sustains the health of our environment, its interconnected eco systems and people. OWL ‘s organic production system excludes synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, genetically modified organisms and artificial enhancements. As we seek to rid our diets of processed foods and drinks loaded with sulfites, complex sugars and other additives, OWL is consistent with this healthy goal. 

In addition, each bottle contains its own inspirational message. OWL stands out in the crowd of other traditional tequilas. It has a smooth, crisp and earthy taste that emulates the pure agave plant from which it was created. Its clear color is pleasing to the eye and sweet scent alludes to a touch of citrus. This makes OWL easy to be sipped straight or blended with our delicious drink recipes. Whether you are new to drinking tequila, an aficionado, or a connoisseur, OWL will delight your senses.

Please drink in moderation - it’s all about balance. 

Join me in a toast to becoming One With Life and to channeling our inner Owl! 

With light and love,


Lisa Elovich
One With Life Tequila, LLC