One with Life Organic Tequila is hand crafted from sustainably grown and farmed Blue Agave in the town of Amatitán in Jalisco, Mexico by Tequila Las Americas, a third generation family owned agave farm and distillery. Each agave plant is harvested for OWL at the height of ripeness, and then roasted in a clay oven adhering to traditional tequila production practices. The roasted and shredded blue agave is natural fermented and double distilled in stainless steel distilleries with only the addition of water to distill the agave to the correct alcohol content levels. There are absolutely no additives, artificial or natural, used in OWL production. This carefully monitored process results in a clean and flavorful tasting ultra-premium blanco tequila. With One with Life Organic Tequila’s flavor profile, you can actually taste layers of flavor from the agave plant; citrus on the front end and vanilla custard creaminess on the back end.  One With Life Organic Tequila has a pure, clean and crisp taste that can be sipped alone with lime, mixed with a favorite beverage or included in a variety of cocktails.