For most of my life, I have always been attracted to inspirational stories. The common thread in every one of these stories is staying positive, focused and overcoming all obstacles to achieve a goal, always putting faith in front of fear. I have also found that such people are very often the most giving and willing to help others to achieve their goals as well. Inspiration is what has driven me to brand my own tequila, a spirit I have grown to love, as a vehicle to inspire others to get the most out of life and to live their passion.

So how, you ask, is bottling tequila a vehicle for inspiration? I have always associated tequila with celebration, most often with friends and colleagues after a job well done or just for relaxation. That shot of tequila was an opportunity to play and to keep life lighthearted.  It is also a tough industry so it presents a challenge for someone like me to break in. My goal is to never give up, work hard and enjoy the ride, hopefully inspiring my new tequila friends along the way.

That is why I ruminated on every detail of One With Life Tequila starting with the brand name. One With Life represents being at peace with the present moment. It means going with the flow of life without resisting. It is having the ability to change the things that can be changed and to accept the things that can’t. That means not spending time worrying, stressing or being consumed with the past or future. Instead, embracing the uncertainty of life.

Within every bottle is an inspirational message that coincides with the One With Life philosophy.  Many of these messages were shared by the many friends, family members and members of the community that are all a part of my tequila group and who have all contributed to the start up. There is also a life-affirming toast on the back of every label that says: Here’s to being fully present, listening deeply, speaking with love and being One With Life.

The logo represents the philosophy with the tree of life symbolizing the connectivity of the universe. The Owl represents awareness, courage and relaxed focus. The bottle fully embodies the philosophy of what it means to be One With Life.

I want to use this opportunity to express deep gratitude for all the people who have supported me and had faith in the project from the beginning. I will continue to use this blog as a forum to recognize those people who have and continue to inspire me to move forward.