I met Gonzalo Spindola-Garcia about two years ago when I was researching the tequila business. Gonzalo and his family own a very successful tequila bottle design and marketing company and he has written quite a bit about how to build a successful tequila brand.

When I contacted him via skype, it was quite easy for him to figure out that I was a total novice, not to mention working with a shoestring budget. Basically, where I was at, he was pretty much out of my league. Despite that, Gonzalo made me feel like I could make a go of it. He has the kind of energy that makes the impossible seem possible, which is so motivating for me.

I had the chance to see some of Gonzalo’s work in Mexico. He decorates bottles for more than 50 Tequila and Mezcal brands. Some of his work includes fire decals, silk screen, spray color coding and sandblast on bottes. We connected through his blog, 10 Essential Steps to Start a Tequila Business, which he has been writing since 2010. He gets emails and calls from people around the world.  

If you understand the spirits industry, the bottle is so important for moving the product off the shelf. As I mentioned, Gonzalo was a bit out of my league when it came to producing my bottle, but he, nonetheless, helped me make important strategic decisions to get my brand off the ground. He became an instant friend and the first member of Team OWL.   

I now rely on Gonzalo for coordinating all of the Mexican operations for One With Life Tequila. Although I speak some conversational Spanish, conducting business in Spanish is a whole different story. Gonzalo helps me to navigate the language barrier as well as all of the complex parts of the tequila company that lead up to the actual import.

Most importantly, Gonzalo helps me taste each batch before it gets bottled to ensure consistency and quality control.  Tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!  The tasting of each batch has become a ritual for Gonzalo and me and is my favorite part of the process although Gonzalo may have a different view. He had to put up with my hours and hours of tasting different versions of the tequila when we first started until we got it right. It was a long and crazy process that included laughter and tears, but well worth it. The taste is definitely unique and is the most important aspect of One With Life Tequila. Tasting, however, is not the last step in the process.

He lives and works in a town called Tanala with his wife and son. He is a great family man and one of the hardest working people I know. He is a man of humility and true integrity. He also has a good sense of humor.  Gonzalo has been a God send for One With Life Tequila and there is no way I could have done this without him.  He continues to be an integral member of Team Mexico operations. 

To me, business is definitely personal. I put so much of myself into the work I do and I am grateful to be able to work with Gonzalo. He has passion for his work as well and it shows. He is a smart business man and a trusted partner as well who shares my vision of being One With Life.