Starting your own business is challenging in so many ways. From the beginning, all of the choices you make can add up to success or failure. It starts with choosing the right team members to help you build your brand, which I feel very fortunate to have done. Next, you have to make business decisions regarding where to invest your energy and resources. When you are operating a startup, those choices are crucial.

If you are paying close enough attention, sometimes the universe helps you by presenting the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. One With Life recently launched in South Florida and the reception there has been phenomenal. I am so grateful to have Nicole Avella and Randy Weber as part of the OWL team working hard to introduce our product in that market. Through their network, OWL was presented with a tremendous opportunity to work with Entercom and Von Freeman to bring the inaugural Riptide Music Festival to Ft. Lauderdale Beach, December 3 & 4.

I am thrilled that OWL is a sponsor of this exciting event. It is one of those opportunities that spoke directly to my heart.

It has special meaning to me for a few different very personal reasons:

First, my son Nico, who is currently off at Berklee School of Music, is an aspiring musician.  Listening to him play music day in and day out has reminded me of how important music is to soothe my soul.  Because of Nico’s talent and passion, music has been a constant in my life.  He reminded me of what I knew as a kid, which is that music is healing, inspiring and peaceful.

Second, Ft Lauderdale, Florida was one of my father’s favorite destinations.  From the time I was born, my dad took me to vacation in Ft Lauderdale every year.  I can’t think about the lovely beach and sunshine there without thinking about my father, who I miss every day.

Lastly, my mom, sisters, and best friends all live in South Florida.  I feel like I am home every time I visit.

So the combination of a music festival, desire to be near my family, and my love for south Florida was like, hey, I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend. I decided to seize the opportunity the Universe has presented to me, which is the philosophy that I want to share through my brand. I have always maintained that One With Life Tequila was my vehicle for spreading the word of living a balanced life through staying in the present moment, being at peace, and having fun.   

This festival is going to be a lot of fun. The line-up includes some of my favorite bands growing up including the B-52’s and Earth, Wind and Fire. Some of you may also remember Expose and A Flock of Seagulls – a great blast from the past.

I can’t wait to be hanging out with family and friends on Ft. Lauderdale Beach listening to awesome music, remembering my father, sipping my “Riptide” cocktail and being grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something special. 

See You at the Riptide - Click on Image for Tickets to the Festival

See You at the Riptide - Click on Image for Tickets to the Festival